2 South Carolina high school coaches have taken over 2,000 consecutive daily runs together

Summerville High School assistant football coaches Joe Call and Preston Giet. (WCIV)

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- As certain as the sun rising above the pines in Flowertown, as sure as John McKissick patrolling the sidelines on Friday nights, Summerville High School assistant football coaches Joe Call and Preston Giet will run.{}

"Everybody thinks we're crazy. At first our wives got mad," said Call.

Giet and Call have been around each other for a long time. They played together at Summerville and The Citadel; they now coach together.

On their way to see former player AJ Green play in a 2008 High School All-Star game, they started talking about wanting to run more.{}

"It's a thing of why not. The hardest thing is just getting up and getting the shoes on. After that, it's a piece of cake," said Giet.{}

That idea has turned into an obsession.{}

"One day we showed up and it was raining. There were terrible conditions for running. We said, 'Why not? Let's run.' We kind of built off of that. We've been running over five years and five months, 2,036 straight days. We have no plans to end. As long as I can put on my shoes and run, I see continuing it for years and years," he said. {}{}

If you're wondering, that is 6,728 miles each and there is a name for this -- streak running. The rules are basic and simple: each guy has to run at least a mile with no limit on how many. Every single day, they choose to do it together.

"The streak controls us," said Giet. "We have to do it. I don't feel good if I don't get a run in. It helps if I'm sick or have a 100 degree temperature or I went out late. The run makes you feel better."{}

They do marathons, adventure races, but they don't do excuses.

"Sometimes it is 5 a.m. Sometimes when we are training we'll get up at 3:30 a.m. just to get a good solid run in and not affect our family life," said Call.

There is a bit of irony in all of this. Joe Call's grandfather is John McKissick, and he has a pretty good streak going as well.{}

"There must be something in the blood. He keeps on coaching, I keep on running. It runs in the family I guess," Call said.{}

After Friday night games, they often talk football until midnight, then go for a run.{}

"We're done by 1 a.m., so it's like having a day off," said Giet.{}

Later this month, their families will go on a cruise together.{}

"Running can't stop. There is a track on the boat bigger than the one at our high school. We'll meet every morning at 7 o'clock," said Call. "Some days you dread it. The worst days are the days after a marathon or the day after a 72-hour adventure race. Most days, you crave it. You get up, can't wait and your day can't start until you get your run in."{}

The amazing thing about it, there is no finish line in sight.{}