South Highland Presbyterian Church celebrates 125 years

A Birmingham church is celebrating 125 years of shining a light on the city's south side.

Sunday morning, the youngest members of South Highland Presbyterian Church led the congregation in a parade from the site of the church's founding on 19th Street to its present location on Highland Avenue.

The church, which was established in October of 1888, has long been known for its outreach in the community. That's a tradition the next generation is learning to continue.

"Respond with faith," Dr. Ed Hurley said. "Allow Christ to lead you, don't flee from situations, such as sometimes there have been some that have left an area like the South side. Yet, this church has continued to be a presence of hope as are many congregations in this area."

The congregation spent three years in a small, tin-roofed building before constructing the current church in 1892.