Southern Christian Leadership Conference Participants Discuss 'Stand Your Ground' law

The FBI opened an investigation into the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. The unarmed teenager was shot multiple times by a police officer in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. His death has re-ignited a debate over the state of Black men in America and raises questions over a 'Stand Your Ground' law.

Some attending the conference think shootings like the one in Missouri won't end anytime soon. A portion of the conference focused on discussing the 'Stand Your Ground' law.

Southern Christian Leadership Conference participants listened to several discussions on the state of Black America.

One panelist was Lucia McBath, the mother of a boy shot and killed on Black Friday in 2012.

"Michael Dunn actually shot 10 rounds into the car with the four boys. My son was in the car with three more of his friends. They had just come from shopping at the mall," said McBath.

McBath says her son was in a car playing loud music. A jury convicted Dunn on some charges. There are more court proceedings scheduled.

"It's a heinous law. Stand Your Ground, in my take and absolutely having to live with the result of this law, is a law that has to be repealed," added McBath.

She believes the Stand Your Ground law played a role.

"It's a law I liken to a legal lynching. I know this is a very strong word, but people are allowed to use that law for their own criminal devices," added McBath.

Famed comedian and activist Dick Gregory was at the conference.

He's from St. Louis and was raised about 10 miles from where police shot and killed Michael Brown.

Gregory wants Americans to pay attention.

"When you hear a baby crying in the crib, you don't go to say shut up. You go and find out why they are crying. That's what we don't demand them to do with what's happening in the ghetto," said Dick Gregory.

One other person scheduled to be on the panel to discuss the law was Ben Crump. He canceled. Crump is the lawyer for Trayvon Martin's family and the Brown family in Missouri.