Stranded Spain Park High School students skype from storm-ravaged New York

Laguardia Airport in New York was flooded by Superstorm Sandy on Monday. The stranded Spain Park students are booked on a Wednesday flight back to Alabama.(JetBlue Photo)

We checked in with students from Hoover's Spain Park High School on Monday who were stranded in New York. We were told they are booked on a flight out of New York Wednesday evening.

Right now the students are sitting tight at a hotel near the Brooklyn Bridge. Two students spoke with us via skype today.

"There are a lot of people in the hotels and we're all getting a little stir crazy because we couldn't go outside yesterday," said Jacob Kimes.

Jacob Kimes and Noah Crawford are two of eleven Spain Park students stuck at a hotel. Kimes says they've heard about the wide-spread damage and power-outages in the northeast and they consider themselves fortunate. "We are in high ground in Brooklyn so right where we are we haven't experienced any flooding or anything of that nature so we're all staying safe and staying inside," said Kimes.

Nearly one-thousand miles away in Hoover, Jacob's mother Laura is{} waiting{} for her son's safe return. "As a mom, my first thought is I can't believe my child is going to be sitting in the middle of a hurricane and I'm not there to do anything about it or ride it out with him," she said.

She's been communicating with him daily by phone and text messaging and says it's comforting to know he is safe. "He's been telling me they're fine and they're making the best of it and they're having a good time and finding ways to amuse themselves and the hotel is being great," said Kimes.

The Spain Park students know their experience could have been so much worse. {}{} {}"There's a lot of debris outside, a couple of traffic signs knocked over, some downed tree limbs but nothing too major where we are right now," said Noah Crawford.

Kimes mother says she already knows the first thing she will do when she sees her son. "Oh just give him a giant hug. I already told him that he needs to tell me what he wants me to cook cause I'll cook his favorite dinner that night," she said.

Laura says she's been told by her son's teachers that hotel has enough power on a generator to last for a week for a week, but she's hoping they'll be home before then.