Update: Spain Park students return home after trip was extended by Sandy

Update:Friday morning local high school students who have been stranded in Brooklyn, New York in the wake of Superstorm Sandy are waking up in their own beds.The Magic City never felt more magic for the 11 students and their families Thursday night, as they saw their loved ones in person for the first time since they left for a mock court competition last week.


After hurricane sandy made landfall, thousands of families in and around New Jersey, trapped by floodwaters.

"Wait, wait, wait, no, you're not going to sit through a hurricane, this is crazy... but there really was no choice," says Laura Kimes. Kimes has been on pins and needles since last week. Her son, Jacob, along with other Spain Park high school students and teachers have been stuck at a Brooklyn hotel since "Sandy".

They were in New York City over the weekend for a mock court competition, they just couldn't get out before the storm hit.

"I definitely had a moment of being quite afraid for him," says Kimes.

Thursday night, the group is expected to finally make it back to Birmingham.

Kimes says, "When I see him, I'm going to grab him and give him a giant hug, and he said he's looking forward to that too."

And this mother isn't alone; teachers and students from Spain Park, and other loved ones are expecting their arrival just as much.

"If we plan a party, we might jinx them! So I think what we will do is wait until they actually get here in the building. I hope that they will arrive safely and I know as long as they get on that plane, they will," says Instructor Cheryl Morrow.

"There will be parents with balloons or banners, flowers for their daughters or whatever, but my son's a low-key guy so, I'll just give him a big hug," says Kimes.