Spring BBQ /Grill Fire Safety

For spring break and the summer months, here are some tips to stay safe while you grill out. According to NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), Spring BBQ cooking season is a leading cause of damage to residential structures.

It's offering the following safety advice:

1. Position the grill away from any buildings, deck railings, extended eves, or below overhanging branches.

2. Do NOT place grill near utility pole wire that may be coming into your house.

3. Place grill away from any kind of foot traffic.

4. Keep children and pets away from grill. Declare a 3-foot SAFE zone around the grill.

5. Periodically remove grease or fat build up trays, so it can't be ignited from flame or heat.

6. Never grill indoors, this poses both a fire hazard and carbon monoxide exposure.

7. Keep a fire extinguisher readily accessible.


For charcoal grills:

1. Be careful using charcoal starter fluid. Follow directions on the container and never apply additional fluid after ignition.

2. Never discard ashes, until completely cooled and then place in a METAL can.

For propane /natural gas grills:

1. Before using, check hoses for signs of wear & tear, and that the connection is tight.

2. Remove excess grease from the unit.

3. When igniting the grille, keep the lid open.

4. An orange flame is an indicator there is an obstruction in the gas tubes that lead to the burners, the flame should be blue.

5. Never leave the grill unattended.

6. Use common sense and follow all manufacturer's directions.