Spring break brings people, moneydrugs through south Alabama

It's Spring Break seasonand that means increased travel through south Alabama county's.

So far this season, ithas also meant an increase in drug arrests for law enforcement agencies.

Over the last two weekendsCovington County authorities have discovered more than $100,000 worth ofillegal drugs simply by stopping Spring breakers for traffic violations.{}

River Falls PoliceChief, Greg Jackson, says he recently found 18 bags of marijuana in the centerconsole of one vehicle.{} {}"They were headed from Greenville toPanama City Beach, Florida for Spring Break and when we walked up to thevehicle I could smell the odor of marijuana."{}All four people in the car were either 18 or 19 years of age.

The drug lawenforcement has seen the most over the last weeks has been marijuana.{} River Falls alone has made over 50 marijuanaarrests over the last two weeks.{} Policehave found club drugs like ecstasy, molly. They have also found heroine.{}

It's not just a RiverFalls issue. It's all over the county.{}Covington County Sheriff Dennis Meeks says county wide they have madeover 150 arrests during the Spring Break season.

Meeks also says thatwhile drug possession arrests are steady, the number of drivers found to beunder the influence of drugs or alcohol has declined.