St. Vincent's Hospital reviews security plan

The unthinkable took place at Birmingham's St. Vincent's Hospital.{} A lone gunman entered through the emergency room, made it to the fifth floor, shot three people before a police officer killed him. Now, the hospital is looking to make changes to its security policy.

The safety of St. Vincent's patients and employees is top priority for the hospital's Birmingham campus COO, Andy Davis.

"We've taken every measure possible to ensure that we have a safe environment here on our campus," says Davis. "(Safety) not something that we take likely, whatsoever, and it's time at this point in time considering the events (Saturday) it's necessary."{}In the wake of Saturday's shooting that left three injured, Davis says the hospital is enhancing its security presence. The size of the security force will double. That includes adding an off-duty Birmingham police officer, who will serve as an armed guard.

Davis says the hospital also will limit access point and entry ways across its campus. There are 84 points of access at the Birmingham campus. "his is primarily in the after hours, when you have fewer presence of groups coming in," Davis explains.Ultimately, Davis says hospital security is on alert."It's a matter of us all being vigilant, being aware, making sure that we respond to any concern," says Davis.

More than 2,000 employees and associates work at St. Vincent's Birmingham campus.

UAB Hospital, Trinity Medical Center, and Princeton Baptist are also looking at their security policies.