Stand Off Ends After Birmingham P.D. Capture Suspect

Birmingham resident, Michael Harris says, "Scary, you walk outside the door and you see police officers with shotguns in their hands." Little did Harris know, he would witness a stand-off Sunday afternoon. "They got their assault weapons out, and they're going through the bushes," says Harris.

The Birmingham Police Department received information that a robbery suspect was armed with an AK47. Officers located 26 year old DeWayne Shawn Holmes at 1st Ave., S. in the Woodlawn area for his arrest, but Holmes quickly got away.

"He jumped out of a window and fled," says Sgt. Demus Smith. Holmes ran just one block away to Greenview apartments. Officers then notified neighbors to stay inside. "If it should turn into a gunfight, we don't want any citizens injured," says Smith.

No one, including the suspect was hurt in the standoff, but this isn't the first time Holmes has been in trouble with the law. His wrap sheet includes pistol carrying, robbery 1st degree, possession of a controlled substance, traffic violations and the list goes on...

Holmes was taken into custody and police officers retrieved the gun and crack/cocaine.

Meantime, residents in the area feel a sense of relief that Holmes has been caught.

"They did their job, that's what they're paid to do, to get the bad man off the street," says Harris.