Starting process of replacing I-20/59 bridge

{}It's more than 42 years old and not getting in any better shape.{} The long and arduous process of replacing the I-20/59 bridge near the Birmingham/Jefferson Civic Center area is in the beginning stages.{} Starting Wednesday, July 23, at 9 a.m., the Alabama Department of Transportation will conduct geotechnical investigations for replacement of the bridge that's in disrepair. {}More than 160,000 vehicle travel the corridor each day.{} However, the bridge was only designed to carry 80,000 vehicles a day.{} Last July, a massive pothole opened up in the bridge, exposing the ground below.{} Simply replacing the old bridge will be a difficult and long process, considering how heavily traveled the area is.The first step is the geotechnical investigations.{} The work will consist of soil borings at various locations, for the proposed CBD (Central Business District) bridge replacement on I-59/I-20, as follows:I-65 SouthboundFour of the bridges located along I-65 southbound through downto {}{}{} {}I-65 SB bridge over 2nd Avenue North -borings on west side of bridge{}{} {}I-65 SB bridge over 3rd Avenue North -borings on west side of bridge{}{} {}I-65 SB bridge over 6th Avenue North -borings on west side of bridge{}{} {}I-65 SB bridge over 8th Avenue North (Rev. Abraham Woods, Jr. Blvd) -borings on west {}{} {}side of bridgeI-59/I-65 Route InterchangeThe remaining 3 bridges located within the I-59/I-65 Interchange: {}{} {}I-65 SB over I-65 NB -borings on west side of bridge{}{} {}I-65 SB over I-59 WB-borings on west side of bridge{}{} {}I-59 EB over I59 WB-borings on south side of bridgeThe soil borings will be accomplished behind guardrail on the grassed slopes outside of the travel lanes and shoulders. All lanes and shoulders will remain open to traffic, although drivers should exercise caution.{} This work may take two months to complete.
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