Dr. Craig Witherspoon back on the job

Superintendent of Birmingham City Schools, Dr. Craig Witherspoon, is expected to be on the job Thursday morning.{} A Jefferson County judge granted an injunction Wednesday afternoon blocking a school board vote to fire Witherspoon.

The board voted Tuesday night to fire Dr. Witherspoon and to replace him with Samuetta Drew, the school system's chief operations officer. Dr. Ed Richardson, head of the state's investigative team overturned the board's decision almost immediately.

State superintendent Dr. Tommy Bice met with the president of the Birmingham board, Edward Maddox on Wednesday in Montgomery with their attorneys.

The Birmingham Board of Education will meet at 5:30 p.m. on Friday July 20 in the auditorium at Carver High School. This will be a continuation of the July 17 meeting that was suspended.

We'll continue to follow this on-going story as more develops.