State keeps eye on Isaac, wants you prepared

Governor Robert Bentley says state leaders are keeping their eyes on Isaac. {}There's no word just yet on when they will decide whether measures should be taken to protect the public from the storm. {}{}Those measures could include things like ordering evacuations, or reversing lanes on interstates. {}Governor{}Bentley also says if Isaac threatens Alabama, he will cancel his trip to the Republican Convention in Tampa.

Alabama is rolling-out a new set of initiatives designed to make sure we are ready for the next natural disaster. {}The Ready Alabama program will reach more residents through the web, and on social media. {}It also encourages residents, and leaders, to plan ahead, be prepared, and alert others when disaster strikes."It will be a real time resource for people across Alabama. {}I don't understand Twitter. {}Somebody in my office does this for me and that's good,"{}the Governor says.{} "Technology has advanced to the point that we need to take advantage of it and we're going to do that in our office even if I don't always understand it."{}You can find more information about Ready Alabama at{}