State leaders crack down on smurfing in anti-meth campaign

"Smurfing" is a term used to describe the act of gathering enough pseudoephedine to manufacture methamphetamines. Today, attorney general Luther Strange met with law enforcement agencies, and pharmacists to announce a new anti-smurfing initiative.

Smurfing is a partnership between the dealer and user. The user goes from pharmacy to pharmacy purchasing pseudophedrines, the main component for making meth.

"Drugs are the number one splurge in our state as far as contributing to crime. Meth being the number one of various drugs that people can get their hands on," said Attorney General Luther Strange.

Smurfing is now a class C felony.{} The law also requires anyone wanting to buy pseudoephedrines to present a valid driver's license, government ID, military ID or passport.

Pseudophedrine is the primary component for making meth. Etowah County District Attorney Jimmie Harp says this initiative will spark a change in our communities.

"This bill, the bottom line is going to save lives. It's about cooperation. The life threatening consequences of crystal meth are something we can not ignore," he said.