State response to Isaac by the numbers

As the Alabama Gulf Coast continues to face the impact of Hurricane Isaac, here is a breakdown of the number of resources mobilized or that are on stand-by to assist the residents in the affected communities.

*There are 816{} occupants in the general need shelters

*There are 567 state employees,{}including{}the Alabama National Guard, mobilized

*There are 172 occupants in the medial need shelters

*There are 44 Alabama Mutual Aid Teams on stand-by to{}assist with search and rescue, debris removal, etc.

*There are 8 regional law enforcement teams on stand-by

*There are 7 roads currently closed (Baldwin-4 and Mobile-3)

*The NWS is predicting 5 feet of storm surge before water recedes later Wednesday evening

*There are 2 State Trooper Districts monitoring traffic flow

*There are 2 Department of Transportation Districts monitoring roadways for potential flooding

*The Emergency Operations Center remains activated at level 1