State Senator Slade Blackwell will not run for Congress

State Senator Slade Blackwell has decided he will not run for Alabama's 6th district seat in Congress. {}That seat is being vacated next year by Spencer Bachus. {}Blackwell has released the following statement:

"Aftercareful consideration and discussing the decision with my wife and family, I'vedecided not to run for the 6th Congressional District, but instead,to seek re-election to continue to represent the people of District 15 inAlabama's State Senate. I've been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support andencouragement I have received over the past several days. I'm confident that Ican make the greatest difference in improving the lives of Alabamians bycontinuing my work in Montgomery as state Senator for Jefferson, Shelby andTalladega Counties.{}I have been honored with the confidence the people ofDistrict 15 entrusted in me in 2010 and I hope they will allow me to continueworking for them in Montgomery for another 4 years."