State will pay more than a half-million to Amy Bishop's attorneys


{} {} Court-appointed lawyers who represented Amy Bishop before she pleaded guilty to shooting six colleagues at the University of Alabama in Huntsville are getting more than $550,000 from the state for their work.{} {} Circuit Judge Alan Mann has approved payments for two of the three attorneys who represented Bishop in the 2010 mass shooting. {}Mann on Tuesday ordered a payment of $452,681 for Barry Abston. Mann earlier ruled that Roy Miller would get $100,426.{} {} Mann also says attorney Robert Tuten is due compensation for his work on the complex case, but he hasn't set an amount.{} {} Bishop was declared indigent, meaning she receives a taxpayer-funded defense. Some of the lawyers' payments include expenses, but the breakdown amount isn't clear.{} {} The former biology professor is serving life for killing three colleagues.