Matters of Faith 10-10 Steel City Pops goes Pink for a cure

When a local worship leader decided to put his work inside a church on ice... and take a leap of faith to open a popsicle business.... he wasn't sure if it would be a success.

Business is booming for Steel City Pops in Homewood.....

Perhaps it's the selection.....everything from strawberry to chili chocolate... to buttermilk.

to some out of the norm flavors...

Or perhaps it's the fact... people enjoying pops... are reminded of a their care free childhood.

Or perhaps it's the service with a smile... that keeps customers coming back to steel city pops.....

the pops are all made from scratch... fresh ingredients... and created right here at the homewood shop.

The success according to the owner Jim Watkins... is a matter of faith.

Jim Watkins is the owner. When asked, "Do you think God led you here?"

He answers,

"I do I was involved in ministry."

Jim: "I was led away from vocational ministry to do ministry in a different capacity."

He plays Christian music in his shop and offers encouragement to customers.... and sets a good example of giving back... his charities include... the American Cancer Society... and helping to provide clean water wells in Africa.

Jim: "We have been challenged at our church to help others."


They fund Never Thirst, it provides clean water in Africa. 100 percent of the money from water he sells at his store, goes to building wells in Africa.

In fact three weeks ago.... the money raised from the water sold at Steel City Pops built the projects first well.

Another way Steel City Pops is giving back during the month of October breast cancer awareness... month.. is the proceeds from the pink grapefruit pink peppercorn pop will go to the American Cancer Society.... And it's not bad!!!

Jim: "I tried to find all the ingredients that are pink."

Jim is also selling a t shirt this month... the proceeds go to fight cancer as well.

{}A business and a ministry.... his goal is to make people happy.

Jim. "It brings people joy to kids adults older people.

He wasn't sure how his choice to step out on faith and build a business around something that he loves to do.... create great food and serve people..... and his God.

Jim: "God's grace has been evident in my life.... his grace saw me through.. better than I could ever imagine. I set out to do something that I love... be happy successfulll.... people appreciate that."

Again during the month of October... proceeds from the pink grapefruit peppercorn pop and t shirts will go to the American Cancer Society.