Stepson of man shot at Federal Courthouse speaks

Daniel Mills, the stepson of David Williams. (

Emergency crews swarmed the Federal Courthouse Thursday after a worker took his own life. 50 year old David Williams walked into a clerk's office, and shot himself in the head. Police say there was no threat to anyone else inside. After the shooting, police used dogs to search near his work area for anything that could be a threat to other workers, but they found nothing. There are many unanswered questions about the shooting and the man who took his own life. ABC 33/40 spoke with William's stepson, he said this has been incredibly painful for his family. He leaves behind a wife, and{}three daughters{}- the youngest, 19. Tonight, they're simply trying to answer "why."

"We're as confused as anyone else and hurt and upset," Daniel Mills, William's stepson said. "I'm 110% sure in my heart that no one else was in immediate danger."The events inside the Federal Courthouse left everyone inside - and most of all David Lee William's family - shocked and confused."We're in the initial shock stage," Mills said. "My family is working with local authorities trying to help out with the investigation any way they can."The family was told by US Marshals - Williams muttered something about a will before he pulled the trigger."The US Marshals told my mother right before the events happened he did say there was a will. I'm not really sure," Mills said. "He's had a will so we're really not sure what that was supposed to mean."William's stepson told us, they can't figure out what would lead him to commit suicide, but they're adamant they do not want the shooting to be how he's remembered. {}David Williams served in the National Guard. He was{}a 20 year employee of the Federal government, and a linebacker under Coach Bear Bryant."The first time we ever met he was like, I played football at the University of Alabama - and I said I'm an Auburn fan and he was like, Roll Tide! And I was like, War Eagle! So I was like, we'll get along!" Mills said.Most recently, he was a leader at Chelsea Creek Community Church - and served {}with his wife in encouragement ministries. But family members are quick to tell you, he loved his title of "Dad" best.{}The case is in the hands of Birmingham Police, the FBI, and U.S. Marshals.