Steve French offers "gun giveaway" for registered constituents

"It's a fun way to campaign, to be honest," Steve French said.

French hopes he has figured it out: How to attract a new fan base.

"One of the things that came up was talking about how do we go from the 'All republicans say they're for the Second do we go into something a little more substantive'," he said.

He and his campaign wanted to figure out a way to differentiate them from the other three candidates in the 46th District House seat primary coming up in June.

First, they thought about having a raffle, but then came the announcement.

"And that made it a no-brainer," he said.

Governor Robert Bentley announced Remington Arms was coming to Alabama.

Now, French is taking that announcement and making one of his own.

"It is a giveaway," French said.

By going on his website you can win a brand new Remington 870 Shotgun.

"Nobody has to buy anything and they don't have to commit to anything," he said.

But you do have to register.

You have to give your email, your name and your address.

The rules? You have to live in Mountain Brook, Homewood or Hoover and be an eligible voter. You also have to have no other reason why you can't register for a firearm.

The gun is valued at $450 and the winner of the firearm can opt for a gift certificate for the value to be used at Mark's Outdoors, which was paid for with French's campaign funds.

But, to be clear, the website does not ask for any votes.

"There's no requirement on anybody to vote any certain way," he said. "[There's] no requirement on anybody to make a purchase. There's no requirement on anything."

French doesn't call it a bribe. He calls it pushing Second Amendment rights and connecting to his constituents.

"What I want is people to come to my website and see my message and if they decide to vote for me then I've done my job," he said. "And if they don't, I've not done a good job."

According to the Alabama Ethics Commission and the Secretary of State's Office, there are no violations with this giveaway.