Stillman College implements furloughs

{}{} Stillman college says enrollment is up.{}{} There are about a thousand students enrolled right now.{} Alumni donations for the private institution have even spiked 30 percent.

{}{} But, Thursday, Stillman's Interim President, Peter Millet said furloughs are needed to avoid pay cuts or layoffs to help keep the school financially sound.{} So, employees will each be required to take four days off during the months of April and May.

{}{} The furloughs will only affect faculty and staff...not hourly plant workers.

{}{}{} In a statement, Interim President Millet says he believes the decision regarding furloughs will benefit the college and stakeholders of the institution in the future.

{}{} Millet also says Stillman is engaging in new opportunities to attract non-traditional students to the school in order to maintain a growth in enrollment.