Stop the Violence funeral procession set for Friday

Neighbors in Central Park say enough is enough; violence must end.

Friday evening, the Central Park Neighborhood along with Parents Against Violence Foundation will hold a "Stop the Violence Funeral Procession." It will leave from Chamber Funeral Home in Bessemer at 5:30p.m.

The procession will be escorted by police from Bessemer, Brighton, Midfield, and Birmingham as it moves down Bessemer Super Highway to the Central Park Recreation Center.

At the Center, there will be guest speakers on drugs, gangs, violence, and parenting. A play, "Stop Throwing Rocks at the Penitentiary" will be performed. Young people will hear from an ex-convict. Following the play, the Rodreckus Johnson Summer Basketball Tournament will get underway. The tournament aims to encourage children to shoot hoops and not guns.

Central Park Neighborhood president Susan Palmer said, "We are bringing this event into reality of what can continue to happen if we don't come together to save the lives of everyone."

For more information call 205.602.8722.