Store owner shot three times by masked robber

{}{}{} Tuscaloosa Homicide investigators are still looking for the person who shot the owner of a Hispanic store in the community of Holt.

{}{}{} 32 year old Jeremias Tecpile's store is located next to the Dollar General store on Crescent Ridge Road just before Alabama Avenue.

{}{} Tecpile shares a mobile home next to his store with friends, including Margarita Hernandez.{} She says Tecpile had just walked over to drink coffee with her male friend{} "While he was drinking coffee with him, he saw someone walk by.{} He thought it was a customer and he went out and saw the man running with the machine you put the money in.{} He told him to stop but he didn't and I guess he shot," she said.

{}{} Captain Loyd Baker says, " The victim fired at the suspect and missed.{} The suspect fired back several times hitting the victim multiple times."

{}{} Tecpile was shot three times...once in the side, back and leg according the Hernandez.{} She says doctors had to perform surgery on Tecpile's stomach.{} He is in stable but serious condition at DCH hospital.

{}{} As of Tuesday evening, detectives did not have a suspect.