Stores closed, cars still abandoned along I-65

After an un-expected winter storm, much of central Alabama is still at a standstill. {}Thousands of cars remain abandoned on roadsides. Along with those safety concerns, {}many stores are closed leaving some people without a way to find food."Oh it's been horrible," Candace Howard, a mother said. "We've been stranded. All four of us were in four different places so we finally got back together and we've been trying to find food for about two hours now."The Howards- like many families- were able to re-unite Wednesday, but finding food to eat has been difficult. Most restaurants and stores are shut down and the pantry supply is running low."I haven't been able to find anything that's open," one person walking said."I don't have any food left, so I'm going to restock up now," another told us."We just don't know what roads are open and which are closed so we've been walking everywhere and haven't been able to find anything but that gas station down on the corner that is open," Michael Powers, who was walking to find food said.One of the most visible hazards still left are the piles of cars abandoned along the interstate and highways - {}drivers ran out of gas or abandoned them to find a place to get warm."It does look like a war zone except there are no bodies lying around," Robert Melvin, who was walking along Lakeshore said. "Both sides of the roads have abandoned cars."We navigated the slow I-65 route and found some areas - four and five cars deep."I proceeded to walk down Lakeshore and it took me 5 hours to get to BP," Rod Robinson, who was out walking said. "From there I walked to Bluff Park.""If I'm going to make it home, I have to start walking now," Tyler Kent, who had to walk home said.Tyler Kent told us, he abandoned his car on I-65 and walked home.{}"Very cold," Kent said. "My legs are sore today actually. Like I said about 8 miles. I made it though. I had to get home to my girlfriend.""I was worried he was walking so far," Madeline Edson, his girlfriend said. "I was worried he would freeze to death."The next big concern is that all of this snow and ice will re-freeze overnight creating big problems for the commute tomorrow morning. ALDOT engineer Brian Davis is asking people go to work on a staggered schedule - try to go in a little later than normal. Many sections of the interstate have multiple lanes open, others have just one lane open in each direction. {}If you have an abandoned vehicle, don't try to get to it during rush hour tomorrow but wait until later on in the day. {}ALDOT will be working throughout the night on interstates - mainly between 3am and 6am.