Etowah County needs help in storm recovery

One of the many Etowah County homes damaged during Monday's storms. (

The National Weather Service now says an EF-1 tornado touched down in Etowah County.{} NWS surveyors say the tornado initially touched down in Boaz and moved eastward into Etowah County.{} Near Sardis City, at least two houses were destroyed.{} Four people were rescued from a house by an injured teenager and 16 people were treated for injuries.{} While everyone tries to recover, there is a need for help.If you want to help storm survivors, the City of Gadsden has released a list of needs for the area. {}{} {}RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) to volunteer with debris removal and other storm related volunteer opportunities call (256) 547-1691{}{} {}Etowah Baptist Association/Southern Baptist Chainsaw Crews (256) 547-1691{}{} {}Catholic Center of Concern Utility Assistance, Food, Crisis Meds (256)546-0028 ask for Mollie.{}{} {}American Red Cross/Sheltering needs (256) 547-8667{}{} {}Department of Human Resources at 210 Hoke Street Food Stamp Assistance (Power must be off 24 hours before storm related assistance can be given to qualified individuals.) {}{} {}Council on Aging (256) 543-3616 Senior RX medication{}{} {}Gadsden Public Library- Electronic Charging (cell phones, laptops, etc.) internet access.For other unmet needs not addressed please call 211 First Call for Help at (256) 546-4357 between the hours of 8:00am-4:00pm daily.