Stranded drivers ditch vehicles, seek shelter

Motorists were forced to abandon their vehicles Tuesday due to icy road conditions. (

Right now, so many people are still looking for a place to stay this evening. Finding a hotel room tonight is difficult. Few vacancies exist in the metro area after Tuesday's snow storm.

"It's frustrating, it really is," says Buck Chumley.

Chumley is so close yet so far from home. He is stuck at a hotel in Bessemer, just five miles from his home in Hueytown.

He found one of the last rooms left in the area. "Luckily they had a room here," he says. "I had people that were going to try to come get us, they attempted but they turned around and went home too, so we are going to wait it out here."Lynn Easterling is a little bit further from home. He lives in Helena. He pulled off the highway before noon. "I said no, this isn't worth it. I'm going to play the safe route and stay overnight, hopefully tomorrow it will be cleared up."Across the street, a common sign: "No Vacancy."All hotels in area are completely booked.

Parking lots, full. But inside, these stranded drivers wait it out. "I've been in contact with my wife, everything's okay at home. I just can'tget there without worrying about it and taking a chance," says Easterling.