Strike list includes Pelham Walmart

The Corporate Action Network web site lists the Pelham, Alabama Walmart Supercenter location as being the site of a strike by workers November 22, 2012 at 8PM. {}That's the exact time Walmart planned to start Pre-Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving evening.

Other stores are listed on the site, but they are apparently still looking for leaders in many of them. {}These sites include the Sam's and Walmart Neighborhood Market brands.

Clicking on the Pelham event info takes you to an RSVP page that states:

"Stand with Walmart workers in their fight for their rights. For decades, Walmart Stores, Inc have dragged down wages, forcing their workers to work irregular schedules, and intimidated and took retribution on any workers who fought back. It's time for the retribution to end, so come to this local Walmart to show your solidarity and tell Walmart that they need to pay their fair share."


You can search to see if there are plans for a walkout at your store here.