Student says UAB has violated Americans with Disabilities Act

A UAB student has asked the university to make some changes for students with disabilities. He says there are several things on campus not compliant with the American with Disabilities Act.Ron Crumpton, also with the Alabama Patients Rights' Coalition, has asked the university to have an outside agency perform a campus wide evaluation of their compliance, but says UAB refused. He showed ABC 33/40 areas he's concerned about, like a crosswalk that has no access for a wheelchair on one side.Ron Crumpton says he and other students in wheelchairs have challenging times at UAB. He says there are five violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act* in and around the Humanities Building, from handicapped parking spaces to no wheelchair access on one side of crosswalk. The access is to the right of the crosswalk and Crumpton says it's sometimes blocked by cars. "With it out of the crosswalk, it needs to have a sign, be painted blue, something because nobody knows." Crumpton says these parking spaces are not wide enough to unload a wheelchair when the lot is full. "If you got four inches short on the parking space and four inches short on the loading zone, that's 8 inches. That's a lot of difference trying to get a wheelchair off a ramp." He also has a hard time navigating in a classroom and getting into Heritage Hall. "In Heritage Hall, the pad you push for the automatic door opening has been broken for about a year." Crumpton says he's offered to show university officials these issues, but can't get someone to come out here. "It's been pushed, it's been ignored and I've tried to settle it."The university would not comment on camera, but a spokesperson sent us this statement. "UAB takes all issues related to ADA very seriously and we have processes to evaluate any concerns. With respect to Mr. Crumpton, all accommodations have been made, and there is no need for, or interest in,{} involving an external party. His claim that we refuse to address ADA violations is simply false. We have talked to him, he has met with our Office of Disability Support Services and we have addressed his concerns."

The University also says DSS undertakes many initiatives to manage compliance with the ADA as well as Section 504 of the Rehab Act.

Crumpton did say the Vice Provost for Administration and Quality Improvement responded to him in a letter which said handicapped parking spaces will be re-striped to provide additional space and the university will create a space plan for one of his classrooms. Still, Crumpton says he would like to see more done. He sent a letter to Governor Robert Bentley's office and other state officials Friday.