Students back at school at Midland City Elementary

Dale County school buses returned to normal operations on Tuesday. (

For the first time in seven days school buses are delivering students to Midland City Elementary School.

Last Tuesday, police say Jimmy Dykes boarded a Dale County bus, shot and killed the driver, Charles Poland, Jr. and abducted five-year-old Ethan.

"He's endured a lot," Dale County Sheriff, Wally Olson, said. "And it's by the grace of God that he's OK."

It ended Monday. Law enforcement stormed the bunker and rescued the child. Dykes is now dead.

Full recap of Midland City shooting and hostage standoff with pics, video and links.

Some say the town of Midland City is ready to move forward.

"I think they're just ready to move on," Lenora Baker said. "We need to move on [and] get the kids back in school."

Other parents, like Melissa Duffy, say children are nervous.

"We are worried," she said. "Kids are coming to us, hugging us, clinging on to us...scared to go back."

Fearful for their safety, particularly on the bus.

"I'm personally not letting my kids ride the bus anymore," Duffy said.

But one student, Terrica Singletary, who was on the same school bus as Ethan, is ready to get back to normal.

"Everyone's just going to do what they do," she said. "We're going to work and try to get through that moment and try to pass that moment on."

A moment that Duffy is not quite over. But she knows, eventually, that fear will go away.

"I know every day it will get easier, but we just pray that nothing like this happens again."

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