Students, police react to alleged threat at Auburn University


Heightened anxiety over an alleged threat at Auburn University lead to the cancellation of classes and normal operations on the campus Wednesday.Auburn Police Chief Paul Register says his department was notified of a message that talked about "a rampage of biblical proportion" on the campus. He says the written message turned out to be unsubstantiated but parents and students expressed fear on social media Tuesday night. The message, written in a campus bathroom, also mentioned the date April 16, the anniversary of the Virginia Tech shootings, police say."We intend to find this person. This person has created a lot of public alarm," Register says of a suspect.{}Local and federal law enforcement agencies are involved in the investigation, according to a campus spokesperson. Register says increased patrol will continue on the campus, although normal class and operations will resume Thursday. Still, students expressed concern.Grad student Aaron Grubbs walked to campus Wednesday to find a place to study. He said he noticed the increased police presence."I'm kind of going in real quick to do what I need to do and then leave. I don't really want to be around campus too much either," Grubbs says.Freshman student Cas Schley tells ABC 33/40 her friend was in town for a campus visit. But the two made alternate plans because of the ordeal."With the Virginia Tech shootings being around this time, it was a little too coincidental for me," Schley says.Auburn Police urge people to call police if they notice any suspicious activity.Click the link below for other updates relating to this story.