Students sign 100-day non violence pledge

For the past two years, the Magic City has seen a stretch of one hundred days when not a single person 18 or under died of a violent crime.

Birmingham City Councilman Jay Roberson wants to see that record extended during this year's{} "100 days of non-violence campaign".

Students said there is a sense of responsibility they have for one another. They hold themselves and their peers accountable for the decisions they make during those 100 days.

Also during that time, the students are asked to do a community service project of their choice.

Roberson says was inspired to start the campaign two years ago when a former student of his wife died as a result of a violent crime.

Chief A.C. Roper says homicide numbers in Birmingham are the lowest they've been in almost 40 years. He says the police department can't take all the credit for that.

Roberson says last year nearly three thousand students signed the pledge for non-violence

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