Students, teachers concerned about job cuts at Hoover district

Budget problems are taking a toll on Hoover classrooms. Nine teachers, district staff, and aids are cut. For the first time in Hoover City School's history, the board voted on a reduction in force. Several parents and Hoover teachers spoke at Monday nights meeting very concerned about the cuts to teacher and aid jobs and wondering if any more cuts are coming. District leaders wouldn't answer that, but teachers and students say it's already hurting schools. "All in favor, please say I. I. Anyone opposed? The resolution is approved," School Board President, Donna Frazier said during the meeting.{}A unanimous vote by Hoover City School leaders cut nine teachers, district personnel, and aids from classrooms this fall. {}"For me it was heartbreaking because I see how critical our library aids, instructional aids, any position - I feel like everyone is giving 110%," Rosalie Pollini, who works at Berry Middle School said. "They are going the extra mile every time a child needs assistance.""The aids especially effect students because I know one teacher can't get around to every student, so I think not having teachers aids is going to be the biggest issue because that means that not every student is going to get the help they need," Morgan Foster, a Hoover High School student said.Cuts are also being felt by students involved in a program called "E.R." teachers spend an extra period working with students who need help. Because of the cuts, those teachers are now having to teach regular classes during that time."The only ER being offered next year is math because of budget cuts," Foster said. "That made me really sad because chemistry was the only thing that kept me having an A. I struggled with chemistry and ER really helped me. It's sad that rising tenth and eleventh graders are not going to have the same help I had.""If there is no one to ask questions of when you don't get it, and the fewer people there are to ask -what happens to that child?" Pollini said.None of the district leaders were willing to comment on camera about the job cuts. They would only give us this sheet that says, "When revenues decline and enrollment increases, Hoover City Schools continuously seeks to restructure, re-organize, and adapt to its environment." {}no word on whether more cuts are coming. {}