Students, teachers remember 17 year old Ashley Cartier


A community is mourning the loss of a beloved student, daughter, and friend. A St. Clair {}County bus crash took the life of 17 year old Ashley Cartier, a student at Ashville High School. It happened this morning on State Highway 23. The bus was making its first pickup- and children were not yet on board. Cartier's car went underneath the bus - killing her. The 17 year old is described as a very well loved, sweet friend who could make anyone laugh. Tonight students, not just from Ashville, but from the opposing team are paying tribute to her life. It's been said each life can touch so many others. That's certainly the case here - a whole stadium, in fact.{}"She was very sweet, very kind, she loved to make people smile and just brighten their day," Tomi Lee, one of Ashley's friends said."She always made people smile," Courtney Lipford, Ashley's friend said. "There was never a dull moment even if she had a bad day, you would always see her smiling in the hallway."A night that should have been one of the most exciting in the new school year, is now marked with sadness."We've spent all day crying," Woody Francis, Ashley's band director said. "We are emotionally spent. We're not ready to remember the good times, we are still very much in mourning."17 year old Ashley Cartier would have been dancing with the marching band during it's first season performance."We were talking. I was supposed to go out with her tonight," McHale Lipford, her friend said. {}"I was going to ask her out for the first time. I got the news this morning that she was killed in that wreck. It's been pretty hard today."She was an honor student, a dancer, and a trumpet player in the band - someone who her director says has been a vital part of their program."This season will be dedicated to her," Francis said. "Every performance - it'll be for Ashley."Tonight, students wrote messages to Ashley on balloons - and held a moment of silence - remembering the friend who made a lasting impact."We're just writing how much we love her and how she's flying high with God and stuff because she was just a really positive person," Lipford said. "She would want us to do this.""We will never get over losing Ashley," Francis said. "Our organization has permanently changed by her loss. Hopefully it will become a celebration of her life."Grief counselors will be at Ashville High School next week. Funeral arrangements have not yet been set. The cause of the crash is still under investigation.