Students train in law enforcement

Wednesday, the Anniston Police Department Junior Police Academy will train at the{}Center for Domestic Preparedness. {}The training includes an active shooter scenario and other procedures like searching for a suspicious package and collecting evidence from a crime scene.

According to a FEMA news release, the events will happen as follows:

  • The CDP staff will set up a mock explosion with mannequins, nails, and other material that would be found at a crime scene following an explosion. The third and fourth subway car will be set up with a Human Patient Simulator in each car. The students will use the knowledge they received on Day 1 of their training (First Aid) to apply field dressing and stop bleeding. They will process the scene looking for items they think might be evidence. The Explorers will be provided with the evidence markers used in CDP's Hazardous Materials Evidence Collection for CBRNE Incidents course. {}{}
  • The CDP staff will present an Active Shooter lecture to the Explorers. Each student will be given a web belt and mock hand gun. After the presentation, the students will clear the training venues, using the knowledge they received on Day 2 of their training.
The Center for Domestic Preparedness is at 61 Responder Drive in Anniston.