Summer programs gear up for hot summer

Several youth organizations have 'game plans' for hot summer weather. First and foremost on that game plan is plenty of water.

The YMCA makes sure each child in their summer camp has a reusable water bottle and makes them take several breaks.

There's several games that are played outdoors throughout the summer.{} On days when the afternoon temps get well above 90 degrees, they bring outdoor activities inside for the rest of the day.

Matt Robinson, he's the child care chair for the YMCA in Birmingham says today was the first opportunity of the summer, to test their hot weather plan.

"Now we are just watching the weather, that we are making sure that we're aware of it as a heads up. So we can adjust their schedules and not be caught off guard by it. It's just doing those things as preventative measures to begin with and just following up with those things," says Robinson

Robinson says they try to do the majority of outdoor activities early in the morning on days when the temps are expected to reach the mid 90s. They also give the children extra pool time when it is this hot out.