Summer Reading at North Shelby Library

Mr. Mac is a children's favorite at the North Shelby Library. {}His animated storytelling sessions are just one of the many activities going on almost daily at the library this Summer."On Mondays, we show a movie. {}On Tuesdays, we have Baby Tales which is a program for birth to 18-months old. {}On Wednesdays, we have a story time program for all ages which is going on today, Mr. Mac," says Children's Librarian Cecelia Dean. {}"On Thursdays, we have an outside performer that comes in. {}Our first one is going to be JSU's Drama Department."She says the Summer Reading program is the most important part of the summer events. {}"There's a thing called 'Summer Slide' that happens during the Summertime, and kids that don't participate in Reading Programs and don't read, when they start the school year have the Summer Slide, and they have a hard time getting into the rhythm of things."She says some students can forget what they have learned over the summer months, and reading during the extended break can help them retain and in some cases improve their reading skills. {}The built-in incentives give many the push they need to keep reading."Every five books that the kids read, they get a Library Dollar. {}That's our Library Dollar, and we have a store over here that they can spend their Library Dollars on candy and toys..."Teenagers and the adults aren't left out. {}There are reading programs available for them, too. {}So this Summer, reading can be a family affair."The grand prize for the adults is an iPad 3," Dean explains.The library kicked off the Summer Reading event with two parties for adults and children on Saturday. {}The Teen Summer Reading kickoff party is tonight 6. {}They will meet at the Rave Theater on Lee Branch to watch Men in Black 3. {}Teens who registered in person at the library will get in free!