Sumter Co. accident claims lives of two Mississippians

      {}{}{}{} A single-vehicle crash early Sunday morning at 3:55 a.m. claimed the life of two and injured three.{}

      {}{}{}{} The crash occurred on Interstate 20/59 three miles south of York.{}

      {}{}{}{} Patrick Hunt Drury, 25, of Meridian, MS and Kyle Christopher McArthur, 25, of Toomsuba, MS, both passengers in a 2003 Ford Escape driven by Kyle Richard Webber, 24, of Coronado, CA were fatally injured upon striking a vehicle that was parked on the shoulder of the roadway.{}

      {}{}{}{} Webber and the listed passengers below were transported to a local hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries.{}

      {}{}{}{} No additional details are available as state Troopers continue their investigation.{}

      Additional injuries:

      Brian Goss, 25, of Meridian, MS.

      Blaine Lander, 23, of Meridian, MS.