Sumter Co. Cattle Theft Investigation extends across four counties

Marvin Brown's arrest opened the stolen cows investigations in Sumter County.{} Sheriff's Investigators say Brown alluded authorities in December after he tried to sell 15 stolen cattle from Perry{}County at a stockyard where he once worked.

"Mr. Brown is a former employee of the stockyard. He gave a false name and they recognized it and that's when everything started," said Sumter Sheriff, Tyrone Clark, Sr.

Other calls of missing cattle started coming into the sheriff's office.{}{}Just before Christmas, Martha James says 12 of her cattle and one bull in nearby Geiger disappeared.{} They were worth about{}ten thousand dollars.{} "I would keep the cattle to try and help me with my bills and stuff," she said.

She says thieves had apparently been working for weeks to lure her cows.{} "They had been sneaking over there feeding them."

Sumter's Sheriff says Marvin Brown has not been connected to James' case.{} Brown was living in Bessemer of Jefferson County where investigators are also looking for two other suspects whom they believe they helped Brown in the alleged Perry County cow thefts.

"Its getting, bigger -- the picture is getting bigger. We had another case around the Gainsville area where cattle was reported missing," added Sheriff Clark.

There have been at-least seven reports of stolen cattle in West Alabama over the past six months.{} Three of those also happened in Greene County.{} That's why James believes they're all connected.

"I just wish they would get up with them. I don't care who they are."

"The cost of cattle is up at this time. It doesn't make it right for folks just to take other folks property. And that's why we're doing everything we can right now to seek'em out and bring them to justice."