Fans, businesses gearing up for Super Bowl Sunday

Jeff McCall, owner of Wings around the Clock, is expecting to sell a couple thousand wings on Super Bowl Sunday. (

It's time to fire up the grill for this year's Super Bowl! The big game kicks off{}Sunday in New Orleans and fans as well as businesses are ready to go.

The Super Bowl means super business for Wings around the Clock.

"It's busy enough to be open on a Sunday." Owner Jeff McCall said.

McCall will triple the staff and cater probably a couple thousand wings. "We just can kick out so many per hour. We just cook them, put sauces on them as they come in."

And McCall welcomes that business, calling it a "Godsend".

He says the cost of wings has gone up around 25 percent since the last Super Bowl. "We hope the cost of wings goes down after the Super Bowl."

While chicken wings may be the popular food item for the big game, beer is the must-have beverage, and many will venture out to watch the game at local pubs.

World of Beers owner Massiel Sandobal is excited about the halftime show.

"I know a lot of people like to party. A lot of people like the half time."Sandobal said.

The new bar in Five Points will experiences its first Super Bowl crowd after opening in November.{}

Product Specialist, Angela Richter, says "We're doing four dollar draft specials and a one dollar shot of beer whenever somebody scores a touchdown."

Richter says special kegs were ordered just for the event and patrons can even bring in food.

"We're doing a cook out for our loyalty club members or they can bring food in from wherever they want to from home or restaurant they pick up from. We have eleven different restaurants that deliver to us." Richter said.

Both businesses open at noon Sunday, giving football fans plenty of time to indulge in pregame food and drink.

Some grocery stores are also expected to be busy on gameday. A manager at the Piggly Wiggly in Homewood says he is expecting a lot of customers in the store before the game to shop for watch parties at home.