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      Support builds as Ashville boy struggles in fight against brain cancer

      Thomas Sullivan and his mother. (abc3340.com)
      Thomas Sullivan is home with his family resting and trying his best to fight an aggressive brain cancer that has taken a toll on his young body.{} "It's a totally natural thing to want to fight till the bitter and instead of slowing down and enjoying what you've got," said Tommy Sullivan, the father of Thomas Sullivan.{} Doctors found a tumor the size of a plum in the boy's head just over a year ago. {}They removed it and a short time later the Medulloblastoma returned. His father said since returning home from the hospital, his son's condition has deteriorated and he is now receiving hospice care.{} "It's not final moments just yet but its time that we've got together," said Sullivan.{} Complete strangers gathered at the family's home to offer words of encouragement and prayers. {} {} "God has got his hand on the baby and I know that the lord will take care of him," said Janice Lovetto, a Thomas Sullivan Supporter.{} Supporters of Thomas Sullivan have generated thousands of dollars in donations and a groundswell of support continues to build on social media. The 'Prayers for Thomas Sullivan' facebook page has more than 23,000 'likes' and the little boy even has a day named after him.{} The fourth Saturday in April is now known as 'Thomas J. Sullivan Day' in Ashville and people will gather this weekend for a bike ride and charity event in the little boy's honor.{} "They've got all types of stuff lined up they've got bands, door prizes, raffles," said Sullivan. {} The family says they feel encouraged about the future thanks to the support from people all over. They just hope Thomas will live to call his current illness as a thing of the past.{}