Supreme Court opinion: Judge Tom Young was wrong to deny search warrants regarding VictoryLand

In a 46 page opinion, the Supreme Court of Alabama says that Macon County Judge Tom Young was wrong to deny the State's application for warrants allowing the search and seizure of gaming devices and proceeds at the VictoryLand Casino.{} The Supreme Court's opinion states that according to current Alabama law is "more than clear enough to serve as a guide to measuring the facts of this case."{} Under existing law, the Supreme Court explains that "the circumstances presented allow for no reasonable conclusion other than that probable cause exists for the issuance of the search warrant in this case."{} The Court continued:

The games depicted in the surveillance video and described in the affidavit proffered by Sisson in support of the application for the warrant do not reasonably resemble the game of 'bingo.'{} Without turning a blind eye to that which is depicted in the video and described in the affidavit, a 'man of reasonable caution' could reach no conclusion other than there is a 'fair probability' that the machines in question are not the game of bingo and, instead, are slot machines or other gambling devices that are illegal under Alabama law.

The Supreme Court concluded that "[a] circuit judge is not free to frustrate the enforcement of the criminal law by refusing to issue warrants necessary or appropriate to its enforcement in his or her circuit."

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