Susan Moore community reacts to teacher sexting allegations

A Susan Moore High School teacher is accused of sending nude photos to a student and another investigation centers on why it wasn't reported earlier by school administrators.

The Susan Moore teacher is now on paid administrative leave, but in addition to the serious charges for sending sexually explicit pictures, the other problem is that the D.A. says it wasn't investigated or reported immediately. Meaning now the principal and superintendent are under investigation too.{}"It's disturbing," Danny Morgan, a parent said. "It makes me angry. It makes me real angry."Danny Morgan's daughter attends school in Blount County. He says the news that the high school teacher sent nude pictures to a 15 year old student is horrifying."I think there's a lot that needs to be taken care of with the school board and protection that goes along with it, making sure teachers are appropriate to be there to begin with, doing better background checks," Morgan said.Many high school parents we spoke with wouldn't speak on camera, but said they're concerned to even send their child to school there anymore."It was horrible," Becky Baldwin, a parent said. "I have two kids - no. I couldn't deal with it.""I think it's horrific," Nadean Boggs, who lives nearby said. "I think the teacher should be a teacher, not an abuser."Blount County District Attorney Pamela Casey confirmed that while the case centers on the teacher's actions,{}a separate investigation is underway into the principal and superintendent after they allegedly waited a week or longer before notifying authorities."My office has asked the Alabama Bureau of Investigations to step in and investigate why those individuals did not report immediately as is required by law," Pamela Casey, Blount County District Attorney said.BLount County Superintendent James Carr wouldn't speak on camera, but said, quote, "the teacher is on administrative leave pending the investigation by the ABI." When we asked about the allegations against himself and the principal... No comment.We also stopped by the teacher's home. The family declined to comment.