Suspect confesses to setting fires in McCalla

Deputies released a sketch last week of a man they believed set fire to Belleview Baptist Church in McCalla. The sketch showed a man with a noticeable bump on his face. Deputies released a picture Monday of the man investigators arrested. Brian Keith Lovoy is the man behind bars. He's 38 years old. Deputies charged Lovoy with four counts of arson. There were four fires at three locations. One was at a church, former nursing home and vacant home. All sites were in McCalla. We showed you a sketch of the man deputies thought set them. "After the first news cycle, last Wednesday, somebody came forward," said Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale. Sheriff Hale did not identify who gave investigators the lead. He is glad someone on his team followed it. Deputies went to Lovoy's home in McCalla. "He confessed to the fire at the baptist church and along with three more fires," added Sheriff Hale. Investigators discovered there were two fires at a former nursing home on Coleman Lake Road. "His motive was he had a death wish. He actually said that and said it was an adrenaline rush," added Sheriff Hale. Lovoy is in jail on a $340,000 bond. "Law enforcement did not do this. We could not have done this without the interest of a reward, but also the willingness of a citizen to come forward to say I know this guy and where he lives," added Sheriff Hale. A $10,000 reward was offered for the person who helped investigators arrest the accused arsonist. One person gave investigators the clue they needed. The sheriff did not tell ABC 33/40 if the person collected the money.