Update: Suspect in Jacksonville burglary arrested; car impounded

The father of a{}Calhoun County{}man wanted for burglary turned his son in to police.

Jacksonville assistant police chief Bill Wineman said officers took 20-year-old Immanuel Isaiah Holifield into custody Monday afternoon.{} Investigators said Holifield was the getaway driver in{}last week's{}burglary of a Whites Gap Road home.

Police said Holifield was waiting in a car parked in the driveway, while another burglar was inside the house.{} The homeowner's father-in-law spotted the car as he passed the home Tuesday, March 11.{} As he pulled in the driveway to see why it was there, police said Holifield drove away and abandoned his partner in crime.

Jacksonville police and the Oxford SWAT team surrounded the home, but discovered the other burglar escaped before they set up a perimeter.

Wineman said investigators identified Holifield as a suspect Friday, and the Calhoun County district attorney's office issued a warrant for his arrest.

"We attempted to locate the suspect all weekend with no results. {}We placed his picture on Facebook [Monday morning] and released it to the media," Wineman said.

"It was shortly thereafter that his father saw it on the media and called us and said he would bring his son in," he said.

Jacksonville police{}impounded the vehicle, which Wineman said belongs to Holifield's father.{} An investigator dusted the car for fingerprints with hope it might help identify the other burglar.

Wineman said Holifield asked for his attorney and declined to answer any questions.{} He did not identify the second suspect in this case.

The burglary victim reported several guns stolen from the home.{} The other burglar who was inside pointing a gun at the homeowner's father-in-law, and police said{}he should be considered armed and dangerous.

If you have information about the other burglar in this case, contact your local police department.