Hoover fatal club shooting angering some people

Entrance to Martinis II, where two people were shot and killed on Friday, December 21, 2012. (

Authorities spent the day questioning a suspect in an overnight fatal club shooting.{}

Hoover police say{}19-year-old Monterio Alonzo Peebles-Kellogg and 20-year-old LaKenya Chaniese Moton were shot and killed and another 20 year old was injured at Martini's just off Lorna Road.

By morning, the investigation at Martini's into{}the fatal shooting{}was wrapped up and{}U.S. Marshals had taken{}a suspect{}into custody.

"I{}feel for the family members involved in this. But this has come to roost. Once again I{}tell you,{}I did not go defend this country for twenty years to come to this. What do you call it? Mayhem?," said retired Marine Priscilla Willis.

Willis and fellow retired Marine Martin Bolts go to movies at the Carmike theatre next door often. They were angered by news of the fatal shooting.

Just after midnight,{}the Birmingham man and woman were killed and another 20 year old was injured while attending Turnt Up Fridays, an event billed as "the state's biggest college extravaganza."

"Why kill them? What's the use of it? Has anyone asked the person who did the shooting- why did you do this? They couldn't give you an answer if they tried," said Bolts.

"Let me see- we've had buy back the guns. We've had give them for presents. What's left?{}I believe you can get a 40 thousand dollar gun faster than you can get an education," said Willis.

They call the recent outbreak of violence in the Birmingham area "a plague" that's spreading to cities, like Hoover, where homicides rarely take place.

"We are under siege. The Russians aren't flying in and shooting us. We are doing it to each other," said Willis.

This is Hoover's first homicide in two and a half years.