Suspects break into several Trussville businesses

Thieves leave behind a path of destruction,{} as they break down walls and take money, even before they get to the business that they intended to rob.

Now, police are looking for the people who burrowed through the Trussville Plaza Shopping Center.Surveillance video shows these suspects knew what they were doing. They basically tunneled through walls from Tortugas Cafe to get to the Check N Go.. all for money.

Tortugas Cafe owner, Paul Gagliano, showed us where three suspects burst through a bathroom wall from the vacant space next door.Gagliano says, "When they came through, they had a crow bar, a saw and a sledge hammer. This was well thought out."Wearing{} hoods, gloves and masks. Surveillance video shows one suspect crawling to the kitchen. Gagliano says, "They made a hole above the sink and couldn't get through."They did get through the office, but not before robbing the safe. A camera caught the act and also a pair of eyes."When the suspects broke through the wall at Tortugas they came through this cabinet at Therapy South. They then went through this store, entered the bathroom and smashed through the wall."Kristen Zeanah says, "Way too much effort for something like this, kind of crazy."Nothing was taken from Therapy South.The suspects made their way to Check n Go, but didn't take anything. an alarm went off. the situation - making a lot of people shake their heads. Zeanah says, "It's Trussville, it's safe around here, you don't expect to see anything like this."Tavares Fortune says, "It's insane, the effort just to take something from somebody else's business is bizarre."Gagliano hopes someone can provide information to help catch the suspects. He's thankful no one was hurt."It's not just money and things they got, nobody got hurt, nobody got physically harmed. We can make more money."Even though its hard to see the suspects, Gagliano says one was wearing unique sneakers in the video. This case is still under investigation. If you have any information, call Trussville Police at 205-655-2101.