Suspects in Savannah Hardin's death are back in court

The grandmother and step-mother of Savannah Hardin were back in court Friday morning.

The attorneys for Joyce Garrard and Jessica Hardin asked a judge to be given access to personnel records of the doctor who treated Savannah Hardin at Gadsden Regional Medical Center.

A lawyer for the hospital called the subpoena request a "fishing expedition."

The court made no ruling onthat issue, but ruled the Calhoun County District Attorney's office must give the defense 911recordings and video of Garrard's encounter with Savannah's school bus driverthe day the day the 9-year old collapsed.

Joyce Garrard is charged with capital murder in the death of her grandmother.{} Prosecutors say she ran Savannah for three hours straight as punishment for eating a candy bar.{} Prosecutors say that led to the child's death.

Jessica Hardin is charged with felony murder.{} Prosecutors say she did nothing to stop the grandmother from running Savannah to death.