Suspicious package sent to Senator Shelby


According to U.S. Capital Police Lt. Jessica Baboulis, her office received a call of a suspicious package about 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, outside of Sen. Richard Shelby's office in Washington D.C.

She says police asked office workers to stay in their offices during the on scene investigation. At no point, she says, was Sen. Shelby or his staff quarantined.

After more than an hour, Lt. Baboulis says the area was cleared and deemed as "safe."

Police are still looking into the matter, however, Lt. Baboulis says there is no information that indicates the package was harmful.


The Washington office of Republican Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby was briefly quarantined after a suspicious package was delivered.

Shelby press secretary Jonathan Graffeo says a package arrived in the reception area late Wednesday morning. He says Capitol Police removed the item and are investigating, but no one was hurt.

Graffeo says workers didn't evacuate the office.

The package was 1 of 3 suspicious items Senate Sergeant at Arms Terence Gainer says were dropped off at Senate buildings Wednesday.

Also Wednesday, federal authorities announced that preliminary tests showed evidence of the fatal toxin ricin in two letters, one mailed to the White House and the other to Miss. Republican Sen. Roger Wicker. The FBI says both were dated April 8 and postmarked Memphis, Tenn. Authorities say they have a potential suspect.