Swimming lessons stressed at an early age

At the Pelham YMCA swimming lessons are offered daily.

Instructors say they recommend introducing a child to the water, as young as sixth months. And, continuing lessons through the ages of three to five-years-old. It's during those ages where they can learn more about better posture in the water and reinforce their skills.

Jennifer Dick, the aquatics director at The Y says, learning to swim is the most important life saving skill for a child to learn. And, that starting at an early age teaches them a respect for the water.

"Definitely getting them swim lessons as early as six months. Getting them pool exposure as early as the doctor will let you bring them to the pool. And definitely staying within arms reach of your child when you're at the pool," says Dick.While swim lessons can be a life-saving skill.{} Lt. Rusty Lowe, executive director of the Hoover Fire Department says infant and adult CPR training can mean the difference between life and death. "It can make a huge difference in the outcome of the patient, because if you're receiving CPR on arrival, our chances of resuscitating the victim have increased by three fold," says Lowe.Christine Tomberlin is a grandmother of two.{} Her grandson is getting swim lessons at the Hoover Recreation Center.

She says those lessons help give peace of mind. "You can turn your back for a minute and that's all it takes for something to happen. So if they can get the skills that's just a real back-up," says Tomberlin. "You can't get over-prepared."

The YMCA and the Hoover Recreation cCnter offer swimming lessons throughout the summer.

CPR courses can be taken through the Hoover Fire Department and through other organizations including the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association.