Sylacauga pastor's church sign wisdom

Motorists traveling down the busy U.S. Highway 280 can see trinkets of wisdom as they drive by the Living Word Church's sign. These powerful thoughts are now collected in a new book, A Heart of Wisdom.

Pamela Ree Pearson has been a pastor's wife for more than 35 years. She and her husband, Michael, founded the Living Word Church in 1978 in Sylacauga and currently still pastor there together. In the new book, Pearson presents a variety of bite-size wisdoms, collected over more than three decades as a pastor and a lifetime of faith. These thoughts touch on a range of topics relating to spirituality and self-reflection.

"God led me to put all those sayings into a book," Pearson said. "I've gathered pieces of wisdom for more than 30 years, and they need to be shared with the world."