Table Grace and Hospitality

Did you run through a drive through today?

Or did you sit down and enjoy a relaxed meal with your family or friends?

Theology Professor Douglas Webster suggests taking time with family and friends over meals is a matter of faith.

It is not only healthy physically, but also spiritually.

He tells the stories of Jesus making breakfast on the beach for his followers and feeding the 5-thousand with just a few fish.

He says he is impressed with how Jesus used meals to reach out to people.

Webster says he remembers his parents inviting 30 to 80 foreign students to their home each week for Bible study. It's the host that really benefits from the experience.

In out busy world he says many people choose to invite friends out to dinner. But the real rich experience is to invite them to their homes. He says don't be caught up in cleaning and making a gourmet meal. Serving something as simple as a ham sandwich and a cup of tea is rich enough.

Touching others lives and talking about faith over a meal. Set the table and invite your friends over it is guaranteed to be a lift!

The name of his book is called Table Grace.